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"Doing is never enough if you neglect being"

Eckhart Tolle

"I had such a profound experience working with Sakura and doing a Life Between Lives session. She has an extremely welcoming and supportive energy that create a lovely container of safety to fully drop in and explore. Although I have never done hypnotherapy before, I had prepared to what to expect during our time together, as she outlined every step of the way. Sakura's organic intuitive nature allowed for effortless unfolding during the session and I felt deeply connected to the process as she guided me on this journey. I continue to see connection in my day to day life with this one time experience. I find embodied peace, grounding and deep gratitude to something greater when I recall the session. I highly recommend Sakura as a healing professional and a holistic practitioner." 

-Sara Vatore, Peak performance coach, Amherst MA, U.S.A.

“I decided to work with Sakura when I was struggling with old memories from the past that suddenly and painfully resurfaced into my life. For the past months, she has been helping me acquire the skills required to tame my inner critic and to have a better relationship with myself, and each time I have a session with her, I feel that I am becoming a better version of myself. By working with her, I realized that just as I regularly take care of my skin, hair, and body, that it is equally as important to take care of myself mentally and spiritually. She empowered me to become the best version of myself.”

-Mami Tajima, Translator, Fukui Japan


"The first time I experienced working with Sakura was in a past life regression session. It was a powerful experience. Sakura was a gentle guide and took me in and brought me out with precision. She had also assisted me in life coaching sessions, helping me to get unstuck when faced with important decisions, to have confidence when going into unknown situations and to stay positive when situations seemed to warrant negative responses. Sakura helped to keep me on track and positively moving forward in my life. She has a beautiful spirit, and I highly recommend her services."

-JeeJee Saafir, Marketing consultant and trainer, Detroit U.S.A. 

“Sakura is a very intuitive and encompassing life coach, and I treasure my experience working with her. She helped me to organize my chaotic mind that had been blocking forward movement in my professional life. She helped me find my true voice and I am forever thankful for her. During our eight months of working together, we did a lot of interesting work together, but my favorite work centered around "subpersonalities" and the inner child. I also enjoyed the “Conversations with money” exercise. She is creative, so I never felt tired of working with her.”
-Maya Nishi, Industrial designer, Kyoto Japan,

“When I started working with Sakura, my main issue was solving my complicated relationship with money that had been affecting the growth of my business. Unexpectedly, and through our work together, I ended up healing old memories that had been preventing me from achieving a healthy balance between life and work for many years. As a result, not only my relationship with money improved but also the relationship with myself improved. I am now more confident, grateful, and excited about my life. I am glad that I took a chance to work with her. If you want to stop ignoring your shadow in order to discover the best version of yourself, I highly recommend working with her.”

-Tsuneyoshi Nakai, Business owner and holistic bodywork practitioner, Madrid Spain 



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