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"There is no certainty, there is only adventure."


​Roberto Assagioli



"The Journey for Authentic Change"

The relationship with the self is an everlasting one. It is the most important relationship you have in life’s journey.


As your guide, I use a framework based on my research called, “The Journey for Authentic Change,” as a map to navigate the journey of transformation. This framework incorporates psychosynthesis, mindfulness work, guided imagery, hypnotherapy, sleeping and waking dreams, action oriented coaching, and transpersonal psychology. There are five stages in the process as a figure above, and the universal theme in each stage is cultivating the ability to pay mindful attention to the inner experience with love and compassion. I facilitate the process for authentic change with the intention of discovering the authentic self and new possibilities in order to live life with joy, excitement, and purpose.


In addition to one-on-one session, I facilitate workshops such as a group meditation, guided imagery group sessions, group Past Life Regression, etc. upon request.

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