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Creating new storylines to live a more fulfilled authentic life.

Self-care for your heart and soul

The intention of my hypnotherapy practice is to support building a compassionate and empowering relationship between you and yourself.


​Among many different types of relationships you have in your life, the relationship with yourself is the most important one, because you are the creator of your own life story. How you think and feel about yourself matters.... your mindset and self-worth influences the storyline of your life.

​Instead of doubting yourself, we begin by discovering who you are and embark on the journey to find a new way to see your life. I use therapeutic and transpersonal techniques that are focused on cultivating a loving relationship with yourself and finding your authentic self. If you want any change to happen on the outside, something must shift within you. By learning who you truly are and cultivating a compassionate loving relationship with yourself, you will experience deep and consistent transformation in your life.

Sakura Nimura M.A., CHt, BCC is a transpersonal psychology practitioner who has been working in multicultural business and psychology field. Sakura is originally from Japan, and for the past two decades has been living between Japan and the U.S. Sakura has a B.A. in psychology and M.A. in transpersonal psychology. She is a certified life coach, hypnotherapist, past life regressionist, Life Between Lives® therapist, psychosynthesis coach, mindfulness coach, and projective dream work practitioner. In her coaching practice, Sakura uses a client-centered approach with unique transpersonal techniques that create a bridge to the client's subconscious. Her method effectively works to discover and overcome the client’s beliefs that are holding them back; at the same time, she works to heal the past in order to rewrite their story in life. Sakura gives life coaching sessions both in-person and online, and her work has been growing since she had opened her practice in 2015. Her clients are in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States. 


Professional Affiliation 

The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives®Hypnotherapy
The Board Certified Coach (BCC)

​Yoga Alliance (RYT200)

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